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I always want to share with you where to go to eat great Gluten Free food. One of those special times when you want to be able to order just about everything off the menu, rather than the one or 2 dishes that may be on the menu for us. people have.

Its often the simplest meals that we really miss

I have a firm favourite in the south for Fish and Chips in the south which is in Leighton Buzzard and this is the Cod and Waffle.

Now its not just their name that is unique, its also their menu, yes you guessed it. You can have both Gluten Free waffles and Gluten Free fish and chips!

The fish is sooooooo crispy and crunchy and the chips are real hand cut and deep fried.

I always have the fish (haddock) and chips with mushy peas and it is a real delight.

I’ve also had the waffle topped with cream, lemon curd and meringue. Yes you guessed it a lemon meringue waffle. They will ask you if you want the gluten free or the regular and I can confirm that its divine.

My friend usually has the Waffel with chili = yes thats right, its savoury with sour cream and cheese on top.

The food is delicious and they’ve a great selection of drinks. I always go for an Orange Pellegrino which is a firm favourite with me.

I’ve found nowhere better than this and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed

One point to make is that it can be very very noisy inside, but the food wins you over every time.
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