Gluten free Fish and Chips in Pudsey

Its one of those amazing dishes that is just so British and one that, when we’re gluten free we miss so much. Well here’s my favourite place in the UK to eat fish and chips and from this image you can see why can’t you..

Gluten Free fish salad with chips
Gluten Free Fish with salad and chips. Absolutely delicious


My top recommendation is in Pudsey… Its the Wetherby Whaler (previously called Cravens and I often refer to it by its old name). Its a beautiful and traditional fish and chip restaurant that has been there for years and years.

So what do I order, well there is such an array and order either Fish and Chips or fish salad and of course order the gluten free option. I order a side order of mushy peas and one other addition that we gluten free peeps can’t normally have. They’re the amazing GF Onion Rings!

And it doesn’t stop there. You have an array of puddings too. These range from home made rice pudding to ginger sponge and custard or a delicious Peach Melba. I’ve even had the chocolate sponge and custard

So if these guys can do it, why can’t everyone else? Well I don’t know, but I keep going back again and again for more.

Each time I visit, I see the same team making diners feel welcome, happy and at home.

They do a great 2 course meal and all main meals come with tea which of course is Yorkshire and bread which is Gluten free and has a small packet of butter too.

There is car parking here, just remember to put your registration number in the book when to arrive (if its there) or you may get a parking fine. Its a busy little town and they make sure that parking is for patrons only.

I always take my parents and they enjoy a lovely glass of wine with their meal, they order the small bottles (which they prefer) and then another one with desert.

One point to remember is that when in Leeds, if you order fish it will be Haddock. In the south its normally Cod, however we always serve Haddock and it is delicious.

I have been visiting this restaurant for oh so many years and it never fails to disappoint. Just take a look at these pics and you’ll know exactly what I mean.

Gluten Free Fish and chips – Gluten Free Angela
Gluten Free Angela – Gluten Free Desert

Enjoy the pics and I do hope you get to visit there very soon.


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