Gluten Free Celeriac and Apple Soup


A Happy new year to you!


Its a great time of year to do something new isn’t it?  For me I always want to create and conserve at the same time so I decided to look around and use some ingredients that were lying around in the kitchen and if not used pretty pronto they would go to waste.


So  I found in the corner of my kitchen…


A “thing” that was something that I’d bought and didn’t quite know what to do with…

Packed with flavour like you’ve never tasted . before!


Yes its Celeriac!  It’s a funny looking thing and something that I wanted to use.


So I had a look around the internet and did my usual… Took a bit of an idea from them all and then did my own thing so here’s what I did for my very own Celeriac and Apple soup


Ingredients for Gluten Free Celeriac and Apple Soup

1 Celeriac (not uber fresh) that had started to sprout

2 medium potatoes chopped into small 0.5mm pieces

1 bramley apple chopped into small 0.5mm pieces

1 large onion chopped into small 0.5mm pieces

3 sprigs of thyme

small bunch of

4 ladles of stock (Mine was from the simmering gammon)

2 stock cubes – I used one chicken and one beef Knorr stock cubes dissolved in 1.5 cups of boiling water

Salt and Pepper

3 tablespoons Olive oil


Method for Gluten Free Celeriac and Apple Soup

Peel the celeriac – I did this with a knife as a peeler didn’t work with the celeriac was a couple of weeks old

Cut into 1 inch chunks and place on a baking tray

Pour on 1-2 tbsp olive oil

Season with salt and pepper

Toss the cubes so they’re covered in the olive oil and put in the oven on a large piece of foil on a tray at 180*C fan, 200*C or gas mark 6 for 30 mins

After 30 minutes put in half a cup of water and loosely scrunch the foil up to make a parcel so the celeriac now steams in the water parcel.

Heat the remainder of the olive oil in a deep frying pan (mine is a Wok Style) but just use what you have.

Add the chopped onion, apple, potatoes and the thyme into the pan and fry with a lid on for 20 minutes stirring every few minutes.  (If you haven’t a lid, place a large piece of foil over the top).

After 20 minutes add 4 ladles of homemade stock to the pan, I used this from the Gammon that I was cooking, but anything will do including the water from veg that you’ve boiled.  Then add the 2 stock cubes mixed with 1.5 cups of boiling water and add to the pan.

Now add half of the bunch of sage leaves torn into small pieces (no need to use a knife as it’s more rustic) and continue to boil for 20 minutes.

Now you have a couple of options… Go rustic or not?  the choice is yours.

You can either “whizz this and blitz it” with a chopper or you can use a potato masher so its a little more rustic.


The choice is yours, for me, I choose the rustic option every time as I enjoy the texture and not having less washing by not using extra appliances.

It is delicious as it is, or you can choose to add in some “fried sage leaves” and a twist of soured cream…  Just fry the sage leaves in some additional olive oil and place on top.

The choice is yours.


Now enjoy and catch up very soon.


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